About Whimsical Giffin

About Whimsical Griffin

Now on to where my geek side came through thats back when i was a hatchling. I was a hard core ninja turtle fan, then it moved to He-Man and Transformers. After that it went to Star Wars and thats when I was hooked on Sci-Fi. I loved going to flea markets and antique stores with my mom trying to find Vintage Star Wars toys. I loved to also create costumes and props and yearned to work in the film industry. Eventually I did get my chance and it was fun but lots of hard work. Then when 2015 rolled around i moved up to Brookings. I sold my artwork at small events and farmers market and then in 2020 I opened up Whimsical Griffin! :)

Whimsical Griffen started out as an idea. One that blossomed into reality due to 2020. I was a Substitute teachers aid at the Brookings High School in 2019 and when 2020 hit the school shut down. I then decided to continue selling my artwork at the farmers market but even that seemed to have taken a hit. So I looked for a shop space that I could open up my own gallery. Well after looking around and seeing what was out there I decided on a nice little space on the main drag. Parking accross the street and right by the movie theatre. Well after a crazy couple weeks trying to get all the paperwork done in late November I got my keys and was able to start moving in. The shop quickly took shape and over the last few months since writing this, the shop has taken on a life of its own. :)

Im a Creator & Fabricator


Fantasy Creations

I enjoy creating artwork in various mediums and subject matters. I work in Graphite, Acrylic & Paint to create unique artworks. On occasion ill use spray paint to create an interstelar scene like you see on the street art in big cities.


Statues and props

I like to sculpt things out of clay like busts or figural statues. But on occasion I will use wood, plastic or even metal to created unique props and entities.



This is yet annother side to me. I love cosplay and I love to play as a dragon druid or jedi. The force is strong with this one! I hope to 3d print a lot of amazing armor and accessories in the future :)