Commission Information Whimsical Griffin

3d Print of DND miniature figure(s)

1 Character
Painted is an additional $15. +
Extra character costs $10.
Send me the link to the item to be printed.


3d Print of Character Bust

1 Character
Bust height 135mm
Painted is an additional $25. +
Send me the link to the item to be printed.


3d Print of Face Mask

1 mask
Painted is an additional $20. +
Send me the link to the item to be printed.


Terms and Conditions

Whimsical Griffin owns the copyright of the work The commissioner may post finished work on the Internet & share with friends but the commissioner cannot profit from the distribution of the finished work or license it to anyone for any purpose. The Artist WhimsicalGriffin may post the art on the Internet, publish it in books, sell prints and digital copies, and license it to third party publication. Commissioner may request special arrangement regarding publication for extra costs. Any special arrangement must be made before first payment.

At least 50% of payment is due before work start. All outstanding payments and unpaid quoted amount must be settled before work and distribution privilege are granted to the commissioner. Payment plans must be discussed and approved by the Artist Whimsical Griffin before project is accepted.

The Artist WhimsicalGriffin may reject certain commission proposals at their own discretion. Please be as specific as possible when communicating commission proposal. If commissioner chooses "Artistic Freedom" as a direction of the proposal, the commission must respect the interpretation and perspective of the Artist Whimsical Griffin in regarding to the finished work.

Constant communication is required. The commissioner must makes every effort to stay in touch with the Artist WHimsical Griffin in regarding to the progress of the work. There will be numerous checkpoints that the commissioner will be updated with and the commissioner is required to reply to inquiry regarding the progress made. If the commissioner cannot maintain reasonably prompt response, the work will be rescheduled to a later time by the discretion of the Artist Whimsical Griffin.

No full refund will be given once work started. Once work has started, the commissioner is expected to carry through with the completion of the work. If the commissioner would like the work to stop, refund amount will be determined by the progress of the work already made. The commissioner will not be given distribution privilege of any work-in-progress materials as the full quoted amount is not paid in full.